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We are a network of over 4,200 researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, educators and students working together to improve health services in British Columbia, Canada. To explore this website, use the navigation links on the left hand side and the Search tool. Join InspireNet to keep up to date on fresh web content and to join the discussion and Action Teams.

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Invitation to Participate: Studies


Balance Recovery Study

The Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab at Simon Fraser University is looking for women over the age of 65 to participate in a balance recovery study. Trips and slips are a common problem among older people. We are currently testing a device (exoskeleton) to assist the ability to recover from slips and trips. We are looking for women over the age of 65 that are willing to participate in one session (approximately 3 -4 hours in length) at SFU Burnaby Campus (8888 University Drive). During the session, you will perform a variety of balance tasks while wearing a hip exoskeleton. The session can be scheduled according to your availability and you will be compensated up to $100 cash for your time and travel costs. If you are: A woman of the age 65 or over; Able to stand up and walk unassisted (without the use of a walking aide) a distance of at least 10 m;  Have no diagnosed neurological or physical diseases that affect gait or balance please contact us for more information at shanev@sfu.ca

Details: http://www.sfu.ca/tips.html


Snapshots of Mobility

We would like to invite you to participate in a Photovoice research study. You can participate if you are: 55 years of age or older; have access to a camera. All you need to do is take a photograph and submit it to us with a short description. When you choose what to photograph, think about: “What does ‘Community Mobility’ mean to you?” We are particularly interested in hearing about what makes it easy or harder to be out in the community, what being in the community means, and/or how to be physically active in the community setting. Through this process we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the perceptions around being active in the community and how people explain and reflect on their community experiences. Enter to WIN the spring prize when you submit a photo!! More details: Nicola Cherneski or Laura Burnett. Principal Investigator: Dr. Maureen Ashe, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM), UBC, Tel: 604-675-2574.

Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/document/snapshots-mobility


Digital Emergency Medicine

Researchers at Digital Emergency Medicine, UBC Faculty of Medicine are working with Masters of Health Administration student May Chan to collect patient experiences at the Emergency Department. If you have had a recent (within the past two years) experience at an Emergency Department in the lower mainland (either as a patient or accompanying someone requiring care), we invite you to complete this online survey: https://survey.ubc.ca/s/EmergencyRoomSurvey. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes and results will help inform the development of a patient-centered mobile App that will facilitate Emergency Department intake, discharge and follow-up care.


Employment and Arthritis: Making it Work

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an on-line eLearning program designed to help people with inflammatory arthritis stay employed and deal with employment issues. This is a randomized controlled trial, meaning you have a 50-50 chance of getting the program now or at the end of the study (in 3-5 years). The program consists of 5 modules that you complete online and 5 group meetings held online once every 2 weeks, followed by assessments by health care professionals. To be eligible, you must:Be between the ages of 18 and 59;Have an inflammatory type of arthritis;Be currently working in paid employment;Have access to a computer with high speed internet. Contact: http://makingitwork@arthritisresearch.ca

Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/document/employment-and-arthritis-making-it-work


The Equity Lens in Public Health Research Project

The Equity Lens in Public Health Research Project is looking to interview public health nurses/practitioners who deliver services that include a focus on mental health promotion and/or the prevention of harms of substance use (including harm reduction). The goal of this study is to understand  ethical issues in public health and how public health practitioners work though them. Interviews usually take no more than one hour and can be done over the phone, at your convenience. This study has full ethics approval in all regional Health Authorities, as well as PHSA, UBC, and UVic. The Primary Investigator for this study is Dr. Bernadette Pauly. For more information about the study or to schedule an interview, please contact Research Assistant Tina Revai.


Transition to Retirement: Perceptions and Impacts of Health Care Workers in BC

We are interviewing people who are within 5-10 years of retirement. We are interested in their planning for retirement; how they are feeling about retirement; the challenges they face and what they are doing to manage those challenges. We are also looking to compare men and women in terms of how they feel about retirement, what they plan to do and strategies they are taking to transition to retirement. Finally, we will ask about the challenges that they perceive in health care as they depart and how has the health care culture changed over time. If you wish to participate contact UVic's Diana Campbell (250 920 8741), noting Transition to Retirement in the subject line.

Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/Transition-to-Retirement

InspireNet News

InspireNet's New Infographic

November 2015

Check out InspireNet's infographic, illustrating network progress at November 2015. Click the image below to open the infographic (.pdf).

Announcement: Extension

August 2015

InspireNet is pleased to announce that our funder, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, has kindly approved an extension of our grant term, using remaining funds, until May 31, 2016. We look forward to continuing support of BC's health services research community and extend sincere thanks to MSFHR for approval of this extension.

Announcement: InspireNet Change of Leadership

July 2015

After six years leading InspireNet from its initial inception to its current position of 4,000 members, InspireNet’s practice co-leader Grace Mickelson is retiring. Her last day will be July 31. We are pleased to announce that taking on the role of practice co-leader is Sherry Hamilton, RN, MBA, Chief Nursing & Liaison Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority. Sherry has been active in roles related to InspireNet in the past including as Chair of the Nursing Research Advisory Council of the BC Nursing Research Initiative through the Michael Smith Foundation (MSFHR), and co-leader of the MSFHR-commissioned Health Services Researcher Pathway project. Please join us in thanking Grace for her exemplary service to the growth and success of our network, and in welcoming Sherry.

Noreen Frisch, academic co-leader & Pat Atherton, manager

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To learn more about current InspireNet Action Teams, follow this link.

Various Action Teams organize webinars which are available only to their team members. Therefore, in order to access them you need to join the appropriate team.

To Join an Action Team and to Access your Electronic Community of Practice (eCoP) and its webinars archive: Login to the website (blue button, top right hand side) and click My Teams. The list of eCoPs you're subscribed to as well as teams you can join will appear. Select the team you want to visit or be added to.

New Article

In case you missed it in last April's Canadian Nurse, read the latest article on InspireNet: Harnessing the web to build research capacity.

Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/publications

What's new on the Blog?

Island Health/UVic's "Unique Submission" to the CJNI, Reflections on the innovative use of storytelling to develop students’ leadership skills, is highlighted.

Read the blog: http://www.inspirenet.ca/blog

Resource to help nurses map their research careers

Health Services Researcher Pathway

A resource commissioned by MSFHR will help define how nurses progress throughout their careers in developing knowledge, skills, and competencies related to research and research use.The Health Services Researcher Pathway, developed through the BC Nursing Research Initiative, describes five distinct levels of nurses’ research competency. The document is intended to support greater use of research at the point of care, where most nurses work. This framework was informed by published literature, as well as consultation with stakeholders from across BC, including nurses in practice. The pathway was developed by a project team co-led by Noreen Frisch (director, University of Victoria School of Nursing) and Sherry Hamilton (chief nursing and liaison officer, Provincial Health Services Authority).

Details: http://www.msfhr.org/health-services-researcher-pathway-0

From the Knowledge to Action Team

Webinar recordings are open to the general public: details are here

1. Lunch & Learn Webinars: Open to All

Do you want to learn more about knowledge translation?

A new initiative from the Knowlege to Action (KTA) Team for all members is the launching of a webinar series focused on knowledge translation. All are welcome; no need to RSVP. Webinars are recorded for future viewing.

Forthcoming Lunch & Learn Webinar


Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/Lunch-Learn-KT-Webinars


2. Researchers & Evaluators: Invitation to our Virtual Podium

Virtual Podium Webinars: Open to All

Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/KT-Invitation-Virtual-Podium

Attention novice/ experienced researchers & evaluators!

  • Do you want to get your research out?
  • Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area?

Step up to our virtual podium! InspireNet is now offering BC's health services research community free use of our electronic platform to produce webinars and recordings for research dissemination to InspireNet members and on the open internet.

Forthcoming Webinar:


This webinar will be recorded.

Recent webinar recordings:

Clinical nursing instructors' experiences teaching students deemed at risk of failure
Stefanie MacLeod, RN BN CCN(C), MSN Student, UBC; Clinical Nurse Leader, Heart Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Providence Health Care
Webinar Recording:

Can people who misuse drugs and alcohol consent for health care?
Darlene Taylor, RN BSN MSC PhD, Research Program Manager, BC Centre for Disease Control
Webinar Recording: http://www.inspirenet.ca/KTA-Drug-Users-Consent

Putting the Pieces Back Together; Un-fracturing Sleep for the Critically Ill
Vininder Bains, ICU Nurse, Vancouver General Hospital
Webinar recording: http://www.inspirenet.ca/KTA-VP-Sleep_in_ICU

Virtual Podium Initiative Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/KT-Invitation-Virtual-Podium

November 2015

InspireNet Webinars:
Knowledge Dissemination in Action at the Point of Care

Did you know? Many InspireNet teams organize webinars to provide free educational opportunities. The Knowledge to Action Team also organizes webinars related to knowledge translation. Participation options are synchronous (i.e. in real time) or asynchronous (i.e. viewing a recording).

InspireNet webinar stats since 2011:

160+:   Number of webinars held

2,116:   Average number of participants (asynchronous and synchronous)

>20,000:   Number of contact hours: 2,800 synchronous; 18,000 asynchronous.

Read our new report: http://www.inspirenet.ca/document/webinar-stats-oct-2015

BC KT Community of Practice

The BC KT Community of Practice featured InspireNet as a knowledge translation vehicle through the webinar: Mobilizing Knowledge to Improve Health Services: Tech-enabled KT Close to Care.

►View the recording here: http://goo.gl/2k3iO5

Research teams: Use InspireNet’s e-platform in new ways!

Consider 2 ways that your team can leverage InspireNet’s established and proven e-platform:

1. Research Team eCoP
If you are a prospective or newly emerging health research team with BC representation, you can apply for an InspireNet eCoP, which is closed for use by your team members only, to support the work of your team:

  • during proposal development, and if successful
  • during project work

An eCoP gives your team a ‘virtual home’ via a password protected web presence where you can share documents and collaborate online. Webconferencing supports communication through your computer.

2. Knowledge Translation (KT) eCoP
If you are an established research or knowledge translation team, you can apply for an InspireNet eCoP to support KT activities when your team is at the point of readiness to do that. An example of this is the MSFHR-funded iPANEL Team which is using an InspireNet eCoP and webinars to meet their KT goals. An eCoP supports KT by giving you an easy way to present your project via webinar/recordings of webinars, and to hold online discussions.

 Visit the detailed webpage for research teams

Navigating the Website

Did you know? To find content on the content-rich InspireNet website you can use the powerful search engine, which appears in the big green box near the top left of all webpages on our website ("Search this Site"). When logged in, your search includes InspireNet's database and content in your Action Teams' eCoPs.

Any item on this website in blue is a hyperlink. Click on it to go to the linked page.

Most people don't know about the Ctrl+F trick: if you enter a large webpage anywhere on the internet, you can find specific content by holding down the Ctrl button then pressing the F key (Command+F on a Mac). This will pop open a finder in your web browser where you can enter the word or term you're looking for. More about this is available in this article.

You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for tips.

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At the bottom of the webpage you'll see an option to "Add to My Library"; click this to bookmark the content for later review. Then, when you have time, click View My Content, then the My Library link in the left hand navigation to review your previously bookmarked content which will appear in a table display. You can remove items from your library on either the webpage or from your library.

Leveraging Linkedin

Many InspireNet members are leveraging professional social media using Linkedin, which provides a way to create your own professional network. If you have a Linkedin profile, you can now add the link to your InspireNet Members' database profile, making it even more powerful in making connections.

To add your Linkedin profile to your InspireNet Members' Database profile

Forthcoming Action Team Webinars

No need to RSVP. Webinars will be recorded (listings here).

Note: Webinar software is no longer compatible with the following outdated operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Mac OS X 10.6

Please use newer operating systems to join the webinar. Alternatively, a free app (Cisco WebEx) is available for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. If using a mobile app, join by using the meeting number.

HEARR Action Team | Open to all InspireNet members

Nutrition Update for Clinicians: PHC Dietitians' Recent Research
Maude Henri-Bhargava RD, Clinical Dietitian, Eating Disorders Program, PHC;
Alena Spears RD, Clinical Dietitian, HIV/IDC/Crosstown Clinic, PHC;
Vanessa Lewis RD CNSC, Clinical Dietitian, GI/General Surgery, Palliative Care, PHC
April 28


  • Cullen Family Lecture Theatre, Providence Building, St. Paul’s Hospital (speaker present)
  • and via webinar

►To join this webinar, use this link: http://bit.ly/1UiXNwl

If you are connecting by phone only, call-in toll number: 1-650-479-3208
Access code: 801 705 993
Password: Network10

[NOTE:  if you use the WebEx “Add to My Calendar” feature, the webinar is entered into your calendar at 1:30 PM, which is incorrect. The webinar start time is 2:00 PM.]

Note that participation in HEARR events can be counted towards the CRNBC continuing competencies for nurses. (Participants are responsible for maintaining their own record of attendance).

iPANEL | Open to team members only

A palliative approach in renal care
John Duncan, Kaillie Kangro
April 26, 2016

InspireNet members just join this Action Team and connect to the webinar at the appropriate time.

Nurse Educators' Scholarship Action Team | Open to all InspireNet members

Simulation: an intraprofessional approach to nursing education
Lisa Kirk, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, Douglas College
April 28, 2016

►To join this webinar, use this link: https://goo.gl/k3gc9f

If you are connecting by phone only, call-in toll number: 1-650-479-3208
Meeting number: 804 535 291
Password: Network10

Interested in attending via webinar or reviewing the recording? Three easy steps:

1. Join InspireNet if you're not already a member (link at top right hand corner of home page)

Where a webinar is open to Team members only:

2. Join the Action Team (use the link under My Teams)

3. Visit the team's eCoP for WebEx login information at the session time, or visit the archives in the Team's eCoP after the session.

Tips for connecting to WebEx webinars are available here:

Webinar Recordings

InspireNet teams convene webinars which are recorded for future viewing. Webinars are open to different audiences. Some are open to:

  • the general public
  • InspireNet members
  • InspireNet's Action Team members

Full details on all webinar recordings are available here.

Action Teams' Webinars

Action Team webinars are available as archived WebEx recordings. To access a recording, join the appropriate Action Team: login to this website and select it from the My Teams list. Once you've joined the Action Team, you can select a recording (audio & video) from the archive for review - just like being there.

Recent Action Teams' Webinar Recordings

Other webinar recordings:

eHealth, eTechnologies and Informatics Action Team

Time and Motion Studies: Missing From the Nursing Literature
Jade McNeal
Nursing’s Voice in Healthcare IT Acquisition Decisions
Allen McLean
►Evidence-based Heuristics for Evaluating Demands on eHealth Literacy and Usability in a Mobile Consumer Health Application
Helen Monkman

More are listed here

HEARR Action Team

HEARR Opens Access
InspireNet's Healthcare Education and Research Rounds (HEARR) Action Team has opened access to all InspireNet members
to its:
(a) future archived webinar recordings,
(b) forthcoming live webinars, and
(c) select popular past webinar recordings.

Patient Safety Learning System (PSLS) and Quality Improvement: How Great Data Can Guide Your Patient Care
Sarah Carriere
Open to All! View here
Inpatient Sepsis: Early Identification and Treatment
Beena Parappilly, Jenifer Tabamo, Doris Bohl
Open to All! View here
►Breathtaking Good versus Barbaric Suffering: The Importance of Patient-Centred Conversations about Future Care
Wallace Robinson, Sara Charlton
Open to All! View here

More are listed here

iPANEL Action Team

LGBTQ issues and a palliative approach
Kelsey Rounds
Integrating an educational approach in palliative care
Kath Murray
A palliative approach and patient navigation
Vanessa Martin

More are listed here

New Grad Transition to Professional Practice Action Team

New Graduate RN Transition to Practice: Research Findings from a Local, Provincial, Canadian and International Perspective
Craig Phillips, Linda Nelson, Theresa Trinh, Kathy Rush, Monica Adamack, Angela Wolff
Workplace Integration of New Nurses (WINN)
Discussion following conference in Banff
Dr. Boychuk Duchscher’s Theory of Transition
Judy Boychuk Duchscher

Nurse Educators' Scholarship Action Team

NES Opens Access
InspireNet's Nurse Educators' Scholarship Action Team has opened access to all InspireNet members
to its:
(a) future archived webinar recordings and
(b) forthcoming live webinars

A Review of the Evidence Surrounding Interventions for Vaccine Hesitancy
Christine Huel
Open to All! View here
►Trying to Ensure Student Success in BSN Nursing Programs: One College’s Experience
Linda Gomez
Open to All! View here
►Aboriginal Engagement in the NWT to champion initiatives addressing health promotion and prevention of chronic diseases
Vee Faria
Open to All! View here

More are listed here

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