Optimal utilization of advanced practice nursing roles Backgrounder

Optimal utilization of advanced practice nursing roles


Optimal integration of advanced practice nursing (APN) roles in BC health workforce, ie. Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

Team Leader


All InspireNet members are welcome to join this team but it may be of more interest to those members who are studying to become or working as NPs or CNSs, or those who educate them.

Initial activities of the core group

  • Identify existing knowledge of APN roles and research priority areas for BC
  • Review knowledge syntheses on APN roles
  • Review websites
  • Clarify the ‘picture’ of advanced practice nursing roles in BC – How many NPs and CNSs? Where do they practice? Are they connected? How?

Examples of research priority areas

What is the value-add of APN roles?
What is the impact of APN roles on health care costs?
What are effective models for APN integration to the health care team?

This Action Team addresses the BCNRI priorities of nursing health human resources and care delivery models.

It will assist InspireNet to achieve the following outcomes:
- increased capacity for nursing HSR
- coordinated provincial planning for nursing HSR in relation to advanced practice nursing roles
- strategic HSR partnerships and teams in BC and beyond
- use of HSR evidence to inform planning and decision making

To Join this Team:

If you'd like to join this team, join InspireNet (free), login to the website, select the My Teams tab, and select this team from the blue box in the left hand navigation ("Please add me to…")

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