InspireNet Co-Leader Evaluation Process

Update, Sep 2015

InspireNet's leadership model is in a state of transition as the network seeks partnerships to sustain the network after its funding has ended. Following is the Co-Leader Evaluation Process used in earlier years.

InspireNet Co-Leader Evaluation Process

Approved by MSFHR Sep 14, 2010


Co-leaders are two individuals who are based in British Columbia, are representative (jointly or as individuals) of the academic and practice communities and have shared responsibility for the leadership and strategic direction of the Network and subsequent reporting and accountability for the BC Nursing Research Initiative Network grant awarded through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR).

Biographies of current InspireNet Co-Leaders are available on the InspireNet website:

InspireNet's governing body, the InspireNet Leadership Council (ILC), was formed with the intent of developing an oversight body with representation by all key stakeholder groups.

The ILC Terms of Reference document is available here:

The Inspirenet Co-Leader Selection Process involves the ILC, enumerated here:

The ILC is responsible for co-leader candidate identification and selection. The ILC Chairperson oversees this process.


1.     Co-Leaders are asked to indicate their interest in continuing in their roles.

2.     ILC members are notified of upcoming co-leader evaluation activities and deadlines (year end: October 31).

3.     Co-Leaders prepare a self-assessment, identifying goals for the period, accomplishments of these goals, and include personal statements about their leadership style and strengths / challenges in carrying out these roles. Co-Leader self-assessments are shared with the ILC.

4.     ILC members provide feedback to the Co-Leaders, based on the criteria outlined in MSFHR’s Nursing Health Services Research Network (NHSRN) Program & Application Guidelines.

5.     The ILC chair reviews this anonymized feedback and provides it to co-leaders for ongoing performance development.

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