Coordinating Teams & Other Teams

Coordinating Teams & Other Teams

Coordinating Teams:

InspireNet's Coordinating Teams include areas of work that cluster and are relevant across all Action Teams. See our Governance and Operating Model for a graphic illustration. All teams are supported by InspireNet eCoPs for easy communication across team members asynchronously.

Knowledge to Action Team

Evaluation Team

  • Leader: Noreen Frisch, University of Victoria with UBC's eHealth Strategy Office
  • # of members: 11
  • Area: Responsible for network and eCoP evaluation and continuous improvement measures.

Leadership and support for the Coordinating Teams are provided by the Management Team and additional experts as appropriate.

Disbanded Coordinating Teams:

Communications Team

  • Leader: Pat Atherton, InspireNet
  • # of members: 4
  • Area: Communications products to promote InspireNet with the objective of member recruitment and retention and stakeholder liaison enabled by a webpage.
  • More information:

Database Management Team

  • Leader: Pat Atherton, InspireNet
  • # of members: 3
  • Area: Develops and refines InspireNet's members database.
  • More information (password protected for members' use only):

Other teams:

Management Team

Disbanded Other Teams:

InspireNet Leadership Council

  • Leader: Monica Redekopp, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • # of members: 12
  • Area: Governance and strategic oversight of InspireNet
  • More information:

InspireNet's Fall Conference Working Group (IFWG)

Sustainability Planning Team

  • Leaders: Noreen Frisch, University of Victoria & Grace Mickelson, Provincial Health Services Authority
  • # of members: 7
  • Area: Development of a viable sustainability plan for the legacy of InspireNet
  • More information:


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