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Nursing Informatics Student Journal Club

an action team devoted to development, use, outcomes and challenges in bringing technologies into nursing and health care practice

“There is no aspect of nursing that will be untouched by the informatics revolution in progress” (McBride, A.B. (2005). Nursing and the informatics revolution, Nursing Outlook, 53(4), 183-91. )

Team Leaders

Initial Activities of this Action Team

  • Identify existing practices and future projections for e-technologies and electronic health records in BC,
  • Contribute to discussions about current preparation and preparedness of RNs, LPNs, and graduating students for a technological future,
  • Generate researchable questions in relation to nursing practice (care planning, documentation, nursing outcomes, quality assurance, technologies, and related issues).


Nurses are also encouraged to become members so that the group can develop a province-wide virtual interest group of people who have a shared commitment to e-technologies and electronic health records. New members of the Action Team are asked to introduce themselves to one another through discussion forum on the team’s e-CoP and are invited to present on a topic that is relevant to their work in healthcare organizations. Graduate Students completing work in this area will likely be interested in joining this action team. 


Meetings are held via WebEx, with an expected outcome being province-wide collaborations and support among nurses committed to transitioning to a technological future where information technology is integrated with and seamlessly supports nursing practice.


The eHealth Action Team has the potential to address all areas of the BCNRI research priorities:

  • Care delivery – addressing issues of how nurses will deliver care in a future that includes technologies, electronic documentation, home-based monitoring, personal health records, and provider/patient electronic access to information.
  • Nursing Health Human Resources – taking up questions of how we are to support a workforce face with ever-increasing changes in workflow and work practices.
  • Practice-relevant education – evaluating the educational changes needed for nurses and new graduates to enter a technologically-based practice environment.
  • Impact of policy decisions on quality and safety – nurses are in a position currently of being either the active developers of passive recipients of their own technological future. Action Team members may choose to take up matters of technologies impact on care, and technologies influence on outcomes.

Nursing Informatics Student Journal Club

As part of the eHealth, etechnologies and Informatics Action Team, the purpose of the NI student journal club is to provide students with an opportunity to examine nursing informatics research publications. The journal club is being coordinated by Dr. Leanne Currie and students at UBC School of Nursing. The Journal Club will take place via InspireNet WebEx on the second Thursday of every month from 4:30-5:30pm Pacific Time.

To participate in the journal club, join the eHealth, etechnologies and Informatics Action Team.

To Join this Team:

If you'd like to join this team, join InspireNet (free), login to the website, select the My Teams tab, and select this team from the blue box in the left hand navigation ("Please add me to…")

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