Governance & Operating Model

Governance & Operating Model

The model in the attached document illustrates that InspireNet recruits and develops a network of diverse individual and organizational members who mobilize around areas of interest into Action Teams and Coordinating Teams that integrate their efforts toward achievement of shared goals. Action Teams and Coordinating Teams contribute to the development of strategic research partnerships. Teams are supported through an Electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP) platform.

Action Teams are aligned with BCNRI nursing health services research priorities and evolve over time.

The network Coordinating Teams include areas of work that cluster and are relevant across all Action Teams, for example: 1) the Communication Team addressing member recruitment and retention and stakeholder liaison enabled by a website and e-CoP, 2) the Database Management Team, 3) the Knowledge Translation Team and 4) the Evaluation Team. Leadership and support for the Coordinating Teams will be provided by the Management Team and additional experts as appropriate.

See Network Governance & Operating Model, attached.

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