Healthy Workplace Climate Backgrounder

Healthy workplace climate

Action Team Mission

To investigate evidence based practices that support healthy workplace climate. Climate reflects the values, beliefs and professional practices of those within it. Do you have a healthy workplace climate?

Team Leader

Maura MacPhee, Associate Professor, UBC Nursing; Academic Lead, BC Nursing Leadership Institute (NLI)


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Background: What is a Healthy Workplace Climate?

We all want to work in a healthy workplace climate.  These workplaces are well functioning and collegial, they are safe and supportive, and patients receive quality care. There is a considerable body of research that tells us that healthy workplaces are comprised of the following: a) strong, visionary leadership; b) nursing control over practice; c) reasonable workloads; d) professional development opportunities; and e) effective communications and teamwork. Healthy workplaces are co-created by the people within them: it takes all of us to make a safe, quality work environment with a culture of professional pride and respect.

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