InspireNet Co-Leader Bios

Academic Co-Leader, 2009-current

Noreen Frisch, BSN, MSN, MSW, PhD

Professor and formerly Director, School of Nursing, University of Victoria

Noreen Frisch, BSN (California State University – Humboldt), MSN (University of Evansville), MSW (Dalhousie University), PhD (Southern Illinois University).

Dr. Noreen Frisch is a Professor and formerly Director of the School of Nursing, UVic, having joined the faculty in August 2007. Dr. Frisch's research and scholarly interests include holistic nursing practice, nursing language and classification, and student development. She has published three books and over 50 articles in the nursing literature on topics such as nursing theory, holistic assessment and care, population health, and nursing education. She has contributed significantly to the development and publication of standards of holistic nursing practice and is certified in holistic nursing. Currently, she is working with a colleague on a study evaluating the differentiation of self and role in a population of practicing nurses. She has a clinical background in psychiatric, maternal-child and community nursing.

Prior to arrival at the University of Victoria, she has been the administrative head of two schools of nursing in the US and has served on numerous community boards and councils for professional nursing organizations. She was named a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing in 1995.

Practice Co-Leader, 2015-current

Sherry Hamilton, RN MBA

Chief Nursing & Liaison Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

Practice Co-Leader, 2009-2015 (retired)

Grace Mickelson, RN, BScN, MA

Grace was the Corporate Director, Academic Development, for the Provincial Health Services Authority in British Columbia, Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Grace has gained a wide variety of experience in health care (rural and urban, Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta) and the academic sector. For the past several years she has been working with leaders in health care, the academic sector and government in several focus areas:  education innovation; aligning health care provider education with health workforce needs; knowledge translation; and, building capacity for health services research. Grace is currently Co-lead for InspireNet, a member of the Practice Education Committee for the BC Academic Health Council, and a member of the Western Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative. From 2006-2009 she served as Co-chair of the Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange Committee for the Canadian Inteprofessional Health Collaborative


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