InspireNet Leadership Council (ILC)

Update, Sep 2015:

Since its inception in 2009, the network has adopted a collaborative leadership model engaging leaders from academic and practice settings. InspireNet's leadership model is in a state of transition as the network seeks partnerships to sustain the network after its funding has ended.

The Management Team is stable and continues to lead the network through this transition.

Until recently, strategic leadership was carried out by the volunteer InspireNet Leadership Council (ILC). We acknowledge with thanks the contributions of past ILC members, listed below. Through their efforts, InspireNet has positioned itself as BC's health services research network, leveraging a virtual platform to bring together over 4,000 members.

A new advisory body will be determined and announced when the future of the network is clear.

Past InspireNet Leadership Council Members (ILC)

►ILC's Terms of Reference

Monica Redekopp, ILC Chair (2009-2014)
Director, Professional Practice, Nursing & Allied Health, Richmond HSDA, Vancouver Coastal Health
Lesley Bainbridge (2009-2014)
Associate Principal, Interprofessional Education, College of Health Disciplines & Director, Interprofessional Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of BC
David Byres (2009-2011)
Vice President, Clinical Programs & Chief Professional Practice and Nursing, Providence Health Care
Cheryl Beach (2013-2014)
Project Director, Community Care Initiatives, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Suzanne Campbell (2011-2012)
Professional Responsibility Officer, BC Nurses’ Union
Brenda Canitz (2009-2011 & 2012-2014)
Executive Director, Partnerships for Health, University of Victoria
Martha MacLeod (2009-2014)
Professor, Nursing & Community Health; Chair, School of Nursing, University of Northern BC
Patricia Marck (2011-2014)
Professor and Director, School of Nursing & Associate Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Development, University of BC Okanagan
Darlene Martin (2009-2011)
Retired, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Donna Mendel (2011-2014)
Regional Practice Leader, Professional Practice Office, Interior Health
Lesley Moss (2009-2012)
Executive Director, Occupational Health + Safety, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Anne Sales (2009-2014)
Professor, University of Michigan School of Nursing in the division of Nursing Business and Health Systems
Linda Sawchenko (2009-2012)
Regional Professional Practice Leader, EXTRA Fellow, Interior Health Authority
Patricia Wejr (2009-2011 & 2012-2014)
Director of Communication Systems and Policy Advisor, BC Nurses' Union
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, University of BC
Sabrina Wong (2009-2014)
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of BC

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