Interdisciplinary Public Health Club (IPHC) Backgrounder

Interdisciplinary Public Health Club (IPHC)


Organized by UBC medical students, this public health electronic community of practice (eCoP) is open to the faculty of medicine’s public health club and to other students in allied disciplines such as nursing and social work.

The purpose of the eCoP is to provide a forum for:

  • discussing recent journal articles in public health to keep abreast of new developments;
  • reading and discussing some of the "classic" public health papers that led to the development of our field of interest over the past decades;
  • knowledge translation from public health literature into public health practice;
  • developing opportunities, now and in the future, to work in an interdisciplinary fashion in our own communities to improve individual and community health;
  • sharing reflections about our own volunteer activities.

Team leaders: David Kim | Stephan Saad


Any InspireNet member who is a student is encouraged to join this team.

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If you'd like to join this team, join InspireNet (free), login to the website, select the My Teams tab, and select this team from the blue box in the left hand navigation ("Please add me to…")

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