New! Invitation to our Virtual Podium: Researchers and Evaluators

May 2016

Due to the demonstrated successes of the network and the generosity of MSFHR, funding for the network through its initial award was extended to a current end date of May 31, 2016. At this juncture we are pleased to announce that the network will transition to become the communications platform for the emerging BC SUPPORT Unit (BC Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials Unit),  a multi-partner organization transitioning from start-up phase to regular operations, preparing to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout BC.

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A new initiative from the Knowlege to Action (KTA) Team.

Attention novice/ experienced researchers & evaluators!

  • Do you want to get your research out?
  • Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area?

►Step up to our virtual podium!

Recently a London School of Economics blog post highlighted the value of podcasting for academics to disseminate their research through iTunes U.

Based on this idea, InspireNet is now offering BC's health services research community free use of our electronic platform to produce webinars and recordings for research dissemination to InspireNet members and on the open internet.

What's involved?

You can present a PowerPoint or Prezio of your research project using InspireNet's Cisco WebEx account. This application will give you an easy opportunity to do a webinar for a 'real time' audience and to have it recorded for others to view at their leisure on InspireNet's website, open to the general public. You can expect to present for 1 hour: 40 minutes for your presentation and 20 minutes for discussion/ Q&A.

We'll do the support:

  • providing orientation to WebEx, if you wish;
  • being there to launch your session;
  • recording and uploading your session to InspireNet's website;
  • promoting your session to InspireNet's members (>2,800) via our biweekly eNews and to the larger health care community using our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook).

If you'd like help developing a PowerPoint file and you work in a BC health authority, one of the Nursing Research Facilitators (NRF) is available to help you with preparing it. A list of the NRFs is available here:

If you feel you'd like a mentor to help you with your presentation but don't know who to approach, contact us and we'll help connect you with someone who can be your mentor.

Tips for strong presentations

You may want to review the following resources to polish your webinar presentation, whether you're a novice and need to learn the basics, or are experienced and would like a review.

►General presentation tips:

►Webinar presentations tips:

Interested in participating?
Contact us and we'll find a time that works for you to do your presentation

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