KTA Drug Users Consent

Can people who misuse drugs and alcohol consent for health care?
Darlene Taylor, RN BSN MSC PhD, Research Program Manager, BC Centre for Disease Control
January 29, 2015

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All individuals over the age of 18 have the legal right to consent/refuse health care provided they have the capacity to do so. Nurses who deliver care to clients who misuse substances often find assessing capacity to consent challenging especially if their clients have been using drugs or alcohol prior to a clinical encounter. The Capacity Assessment Instrument for People who misuse Substances (CAIPS) has been developed to facility nurses’ decision-making process related to assessing capacity to consent in this vulnerable population. This webinar will introduce nurses to the CAIPS instrument, explaining how it works and under which circumstances it can be used.

Link to CAIPS Tool: http://smartsexresource.com/sites/default/files/handouts/CAIPS%20prototype%208%20Jan%202015.pdf

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