Island Health's Knowledge Translation activities and Point-of-Care Projects: Bringing Research into practice
Island Health's Research & Capacity Building Department
June 20, 2014

Recording: http://www.inspirenet.ca/sites/default/files/docs/island_health_kt-20140620_1905-1.mp4

Webinar Agenda:

  • Part 1 with Dr. Wendy Young, PhD (Research Facilitator and KT Coordinator) will focus on the insights gained regarding KT challenges and opportunities in health care organizations in British Columbia. 
  • Part 2 with Lynn Cummings BNSc, MN, CHPCN (C) (Nursing Research Facilitator) will focus on practical aspects of translating research findings into actionable knowledge and improved practice in the Point-of-Care Projects.
  • Part 3 will focus on the development of a KT plan to increase the production and use of evidence to support decision-making and policy-setting at Island Health. The plan will be developed in collaboration with other stakeholders, based on the scan and on lessons learned from the Point-of-Care projects.

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