KTA Virtual Podium: Some Like It Hot

Webinar: Some like it Hot. Revelations in Managing Fever in the ICU.
August 30, 2013
Presenter: Vininder Bains, ICU Nurse, Vancouver General Hospital

Many animal studies have been conducted over the decades that indicate that fever is an important and sometimes lifesaving immune response. Until very recently, there was little solid human clinical research to help guide the decision of when and how to treat fever. As a result, most professionals held either the opinion that fever suppression was necessary to reduce oxygen demand in critical illness, or that routine fever suppression was relatively harmless. New research is challenging these long held beliefs. We will be exploring a number of recent discoveries in our understanding of basic thermoregulation, the physiology of the febrile response and the benefits of fever. Recently published clinical trials can better help guide our decision of when and how to treat fever. Temperature and how it is managed appears to have a greater impact on patient outcomes than previously thought.

Recording: http://www.inspirenet.ca/sites/default/files/docs/vini_bains_some_like_it_hot_webinar-20130830_2102-1.mp4

Virtual Podium Details: http://www.inspirenet.ca/Virtual-Podium-Webinars

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