Healthcare Education and Research Rounds (HEARR) Backgrounder

Healthcare Education and Research Rounds (HEARR) (formerly NEARR)

New as of January 2014:

New! HEARR Opens Access
As of January 2014, InspireNet's Healthcare Education and Research Rounds (HEARR) Action Team will be opening access to all InspireNet members
to its
(a) future archived webinar recordings,
(b) forthcoming live webinars, and
(c) select popular past webinar recordings. Check out the HEARR archives listed on the home page noted as Open To All; if you see a title of a recorded webinar of interest, be sure you are logged in as an InspireNet member, then click the appropriate link to find the recording. If there are other titles of interest but are not noted as Open To All, join the HEARR Action Team to access the recording.

(Note that this change is for HEARR webinars only, not for all InspireNet Action Teams' webinars.)

Learn how healthcare professionals are addressing practice-relevant questions through research! HEARR is a monthly series of web-based nursing education sessions featuring healthcare professionals presenting their research or synthesis projects to other nurses. HEARR sessions connect healthcare professionals to the latest in research and patient care improvements, provide professional development opportunities and engage in discussion about evidence-informed practice. HEARR participation is free and timely.

Once per month, HEARR features a 60-minute program that will help you stay on top of the latest thinking and strategies for improving patient care. You can tune in “live” through your computer or telephone, or listen to recordings of the broadcast later at your convenience. See for archived copies of HEARR presentations. Please join us!

How to join in on a HEARR presentation:

HEARR presentations use WebEx technology. There are two ways to join:

1)     Via computer alone: You can access the audio through your computer speakers or headphones and can submit comments or questions via the chat function in WebEx.

2)     Via telephone alone:  You can participate in the audio aspects of the program, but will not have access to chat functions or visual presentations. If you choose to participate via telephone, please mute your phone during the presentation.

For further information about HEARR, contact the Action Team Leader: Aggie Black, Nursing Research Facilitator for Providence Health Care and Vancouver Coastal Health:

HEARR Advisory Committee Members

Barb Ferreira
Lorna Tate
Marion Clauson
Shelley Fraser
Rosa Hart
Astrid Westervelt
Martha Mackay
Monica Redekopp
Anne Earthy
Maureen Shaw
Aggie Black (Team Leader)

To Join this Team:

If you'd like to join this team, join InspireNet (free), login to the website, select the My Teams tab, and select this team from the blue box in the left hand navigation ("Please add me to…")

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