Research Teams, KT and eCoPs: Closed Teams

Research Teams, KT and eCoPs: Closed Teams

Research teams: Use InspireNet’s e-platform in new ways!

Consider two ways that your team can leverage InspireNet’s established and proven e-platform*, which is comprised of electronic communities of practice, or eCoPs - password-protected areas of our website - supported by webconferencing:

1. Research Team eCoP: Closed Teams

If you are a prospective or newly emerging health research team with BC representation, you can apply for an InspireNet Closed Team eCoP, which is closed for use by your team members only, to support the work of your team:

  • during proposal development, and if successful
  • during project work

An eCoP gives your team a ‘virtual home’ via a password protected web presence where you can share documents and collaborate online. Webconferencing supports communication through your computer and webcamera (or telephone) to share documents, discuss, and record meetings. If needed, InspireNet provides start-up training on use of the eCoP and webconference tools.

2. Knowledge Translation (KT) eCoP: Action Teams

If you are an established research or knowledge translation team, you can apply for an InspireNet Action Team eCoP to support KT activities when your team is at the point of readiness to do that. An example of this is the MSFHR-funded iPANEL Team (Initiative for a Palliative Approach in Nursing: Evidence & Leadership Team) which is using an InspireNet eCoP and webinars to meet their KT goals. An eCoP supports KT by giving you an easy way to present your project via webinar/recordings of webinars, and to hold online discussions.

Our reach is illustrated in the table below, which indicates a high level of impact for knowledge translation end-of-grant activities targeted to our membership. As webinar recordings and blog posts live on our website and are actively promoted via social media, the reach of these components only grow over time as more people become aware of them and access them as their schedules permit.

Table 1: InspireNet’s KT reach

►At this time, InspireNet is pleased to offer its e-platform at no charge to members. Membership is free. Click here to join.

►At some point in the future, and depending on the need for this service, InspireNet will ask research teams to include a budget of $10,000 for use of the e-platform, training and support in their grant proposals. Contributions will be used for InspireNet’s sustainability activities.

To see a list of InspireNet members who have signed up for a research team closed eCoP, visit this page:

►If you’d like to apply for an eCoP based on these conditions, please contact us.

* e-Platforms: Technology infrastructure

ECoPs are provided free use of WebEx, a real-time, web-conferencing application that allows users to share and collaborate on documents, to record sessions, and to broadcast video images via webcams. The audio component of a WebEx session is carried out through either your webcam and speakers/headset (free!), or the use of a toll number (long distance fees apply) on your telephone. Or you can use Skype or Google Voice (free!), if you prefer.

►Online Groups

ECoPs are provided as free online groups through our website. Groups are password protected and include for each team:

  • poll (to poll team members on the fly)
  • discussion forum (to share discussions across team members)
  • blog (to publish and receive comments)
  • event calendar (to track events of interest to the team)
  • shared document library (to share documents across the team)
  • wiki (to collaborate on document writing)
  • team email list (to communicate with team members without tracking email addresses)

What's the difference between a blog and a wiki? Check out these easy-to-understand YouTube videos (about 6 minutes in total):


Training will be provided in use of technology infrastructure and e-CoP best practices if required.

Under the hood

InspireNet's website is supported by Drupal 6.0, a content management system that allows all logged in users the ability to add content and comments without the need for specialized web development knowledge. Our site has been built and refined since May 2010, with the assistance of North Studio.

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