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Coaching in self-efficacy improves care responses, health and well-being in dementia carers: a pre/post-test/follow-up study, 2016, International

Informational role self-efficacy: a validation in interprofessional collaboration contexts involving healthcare service and project teams, 2016, Canada

Co-creation of an ICT-supported cancer rehabilitation application for resected lung cancer survivors: design and evaluation, 2016, International

Point of Care Tests for Infectious Diseases: Review of Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness, and Guidelines, 2016, Canada

Identification of risk factors for hospital admission using multiple-failure survival models: a toolkit for researchers, 2016, International

Achieving change in primary care—causes of the evidence to practice gap: systematic reviews of reviews, 2016, International

Evidence-based medicine – an appropriate tool for evidence-based health policy? A case study from Norway, 2016, International

Exploring the challenge of health research priority setting in partnership: reflections on the methodology used by the James Lind Alliance Pressure Ulcer Priority Setting Partnership, 2016, International

Developing nursing leadership in social media, 2016, International

Evaluating factors associated with implementing evidence-based practice in nursing, 2015, International

Collective action for knowledge mobilisation: a realist evaluation of the Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, 2015, International

Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) in health care: a scoping review, 2016, International

Participants’ views of telephone interviews within a grounded theory study, 2015, International

A study to assess patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and to investigate the practicality of using PROMs in a surgical office, 2016, Canada

Comparing the coverage, recall, and precision of searches for 120 systematic reviews in Embase, MEDLINE, and Google Scholar: a prospective study, 2016, International

Patient-mediated knowledge translation (PKT) interventions for clinical encounters: a systematic review, 2016, International

Fostering End-of-Life Planning among Older LGBT Adults: The development of the British Columbia LGBT End-of-Life Resource Inventory, 2016, Canada 

Improving Patient Experience and Primary Care Quality for Patients With Complex Chronic Disease Using the Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Tool: Adopting Qualitative Methods Into a User-Centered Design Approach, 2016, Canada

A review of the implementation and research strategies of advance care planning in nursing homes, 2016, International

The development of ORACLe: a measure of an organisation’s capacity to engage in evidence-informed health policy, 2016, International

Rapid Evidence Reviews for Health Policy and Practice, 2016, International

Practical Approaches for Achieving Integrated Behavioral Health Care in Primary Care Settings, 2015, International

Health systems guidance appraisal—a critical interpretive synthesis, 2016, Canada

Conceptual foundations of a palliative approach: a knowledge synthesis, 2016, Canada

Barriers and facilitators to uptake of systematic reviews by policy makers and health care managers: a scoping review, 2016, International

The gap between academics and practitioners is a reflection of the underlying tensions of academic belonging, 2014, International

C. diff Infection Raises Hospital Costs by 40% per Case ,2016, International

Frontline nurse managers' confidence and self-efficacy, 2016, International

Integrating new practices: a qualitative study of how hospital innovations become routine, 2015, International

Elaborating on theory with middle managers’ experience implementing healthcare innovations in practice, 2015, International

Health system guidance appraisal—concept evaluation and usability testing, 2015, Canada

Minding the gap: access to palliative care and the homeless, 2015, Canada

Exclusive: Nurse study pinpoints discharge delay failings, 2015, International

Exploring the function and effectiveness of knowledge brokers as facilitators of knowledge translation in health-related settings: a systematic review and thematic analysis, 2015, Canada

Knowledge Translation and Strategic Communications: Unpacking Differences and Similarities for Scholarly and Research Communication, 2014, Canada

Progressing research impact assessment: A ‘contributions’ approach, 2015, International

Peer review – tips for junior reviewers, 2015, International

Why (we think) facilitation works: insights from organizational learning theory, 2015, Canada

Why Nurses Should Lead Efforts To Overcome Palliative Care Consultation Barriers, 2015, International

Integrated Knowledge Translation: Addressing the Knowing/Doing Gap, 2015, Canada

Inside the “Black Box” of a Knowledge Translation Program in Applied Health Research, 2015, International

Implementation of improvement strategies in palliative care: an integrative review, 2015, International

What are effective strategies for the implementation of care bundles on ICUs: a systematic review, 2015, International

Characterising an implementation intervention in terms of behaviour change techniques and theory: the ‘Sepsis Six’ clinical care bundle, 2015, International

Implementation of safety checklists in surgery: a realist synthesis of evidence, 2015, International

Transforming Community Access Services through Client- and Family-Centred Homecare Transitions, 2015, Canada

Twitter-Based Journal Clubs: Additional Facts and Clarifications, 2105, International

The Role of Google Scholar in Evidence Reviews and Its Applicability to Grey Literature Searching, 2105, International

RNs and LPNs: emotional exhaustion and intention to leave, 2015, International

Bridging the gap between IT and nurse leaders, 2015, International

Placements For Learners: Assessing Capacity And Effectiveness Of Clinical Sites: The PLACES Study, 2015, Canada

Innovation In Clinical Nursing Education To Foster Competencies Required By Emerging Changes In Health Care, 2014, Canada

Enhancing Capacity For A Palliative Approach In Rural Nursing: Educational Innovations For Nurses And Healthcare Assistants, 2015, Canada

A mixed methods knowledge synthesis about nursing care delivery and practice supports for a palliative approach, 2014, Canada

Cleaning Hospital Room Surfaces to Prevent Health Care–Associated Infections: A Technical Brief, 2015, International

Nurse practitioners versus doctors diagnostic reasoning in a complex case presentation to an acute tertiary hospital: a comparative study, 2014, International

The effectiveness of knowledge translation interventions for promoting evidence-informed decision-making among nurses in tertiary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 2015, Canada

Implementation of improvement strategies in palliative care: an integrative review, 2015, International

Communities of practice for supporting health systems change: a missed opportunity, 2015, Canada

Online Recruitment Methods for Web-Based and Mobile Health Studies: A Review of the Literature, 2015, International

Bringing it home: expanding the local reach of dissemination and implementation training via a university-based workshop, 2015, International

The effectiveness of knowledge translation interventions for promoting evidence-informed decision-making among nurses in tertiary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 2015, Canada

Grace under fire: aesthetic leadership in clinical nursing, 2015, International

Knowledge transfer and exchange frameworks in health and their applicability to palliative care: scoping review protocol, 2015, International

Nurse practitioners’ work hours and overtime: How much, and under what working conditions?, 2015, International

Enablers and barriers to the implementation of primary health care interventions for Indigenous people with chronic diseases: a systematic review, 2015, International

Sustainability of evidence-based healthcare: research agenda, methodological advances, and infrastructure support, 2015, International

Identifying priorities in knowledge translation from the perspective of trainees: results from an online survey, 2015, Canada

EAPC White Paper on outcome measurement in palliative care: Improving practice, attaining outcomes and delivering quality services – Recommendations from the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Task Force on Outcome Measurement, 2015, International

Knowledge Translation for researchers: developing training to support public health researchers KTE efforts, 2015, International

Enhancing Nurses’ Participation in Implementing Evidence-Based Practice, 2015, International

Working together to improve the patient experience, 2015, International

What prevents interprofessional care?, 2015, International

Toward Cultural Safety: Nurse and Patient Perceptions of Illicit Substance Use in a Hospitalized Setting, 2015, Canada

Linking Electronic Health Records to Better Understand Breast Cancer Patient Pathways Within and Between Two Health Systems, 2015, International

Handling a challenging context: experiences of facilitating evidence-based elderly care, 2015, International

UBC study finds ‘nurse navigators’ play vital role in senior care, 2015, Canada

Review and Evaluation of Online Tobacco Dependence Treatment Training Programs for Health Care Practitioners, 2015, Canada

All Information Was Not Created Equal “Spoken Animation”: Improving Patient Education, 2015, International

Developing a checklist for guideline implementation planning: review and synthesis of guideline development and implementation advice, 2015, International

When it comes to Nurses’ Utilization of Research: Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side of Nursing Culture, 2015, International

Creating the Evidence through Comparative Effectiveness Research for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice by Deploying a National Intervention Network and a National Data Repository, 2015, International

A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare, 2015, Canada

“What Is eHealth”: Time for An Update?, 2015, International

Style Guide: An Interdisciplinary Communication Tool to Support the Process of Generating Tailored Infographics From Electronic Health Data Using EnTICE3, 2015, International

Adapting Practice-Based Intervention Research to Electronic Environments: Opportunities and Complexities at Two Institutions, 2015, International

The Paradox of Patient-Centred Care & Use of Language, 2015, International

Case management approaches to home support for people with dementia, 2015, International

Examining the value of inpatient nurse staffing: an assessment of quality and patient care costs, 2014, International

Improving Care Delivery Through Lean: Implementation Case Studies, 2014, International

Study suggests increase in falls among the elderly, 2015, International

The Role of the Chief Nursing Officer in Bridging Gaps Among Health Systems and Communities to Improve Population Health, 2015, International

Prescription drug insurance coverage and patient health outcomes: a systematic review, 2015, International

Understanding evidence: a statewide survey to explore evidence-informed public health decision-making in a local government setting, 2014, International

Economic evaluation of implementation strategies in health care, 2014, International

Leadership and organizational change for implementation (LOCI): a randomized mixed method pilot study of a leadership and organization development intervention for evidence-based practice implementation, 2015, International

The Impact of Time at Work and Time Off From Work on Rule Compliance: The Case of Hand Hygiene in Health Care, 2014, International

The effectiveness of webcast compared to live lectures as a teaching tool in medical school, 2014, Canada

Is Palliative Care the “New” Geriatrics?  Wrong Question—We’re Better Together, 2014, International

Dr Google and the Consumer: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Navigational Needs and Online Health Information-Seeking Behaviors of Consumers With Chronic Health Conditions, 2014, International

Effect of Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Personnel on Morbidity and Mortality among Patients: Systematic Review and Grading of Evidence, 2013, International

Evaluation of the internal construct validity of the Personal Care Participation Assessment and Resource Tool (PC-PART) using Rasch analysis, 2014, International

Academia gets social, 2014, International

The importance of inspiring a shared vision, 2014, International

Risk of work injury linked to night, evening shifts still high after switching to days, 2014, Canada

Electronic health records improve clinical note quality, 2014, International

Beyond Traditional Advertisements: Leveraging Facebook’s Social Structures for Research Recruitment, 2014, International

Methods for Constructing and Assessing Propensity Scores, 2014, International

Methods for Assessing PatientClinician Communication about Depression in Primary Care: What You See Depends on How You Look, 2014, International

Nurses’ Shift Length and Overtime Working in 12 European Countries: The Association With Perceived Quality of Care and Patient Safety, 2014, International

Development and validation of questionnaires exploring health care professionals' intention to use wiki-based reminders to promote best practices in trauma, 2014, International

Exploring mentorship as a strategy to build capacity for knowledge translation research and practice: a scoping systematic review, 2014, Canada

Capacity building for evidence-based decision making in local health departments: scaling up an effective training approach, 2014, International

Supporting Knowledge Translation Through Evaluation: Evaluator as Knowledge Broker, 2014, Canada

A formative evaluation of Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC): institutional entrepreneurship for service innovation, 2014, International

Strategies to facilitate implementation and sustainability of large system transformations: a case study of a national program for improving quality of care for elderly people, 2014, International

Implementing strategies in consumer and community engagement in health care: results of a large-scale, scoping meta-review, 2014, International

Development of methodological guidance, publication standards and training materials for realist and meta-narrative reviews: the RAMESES (Realist And Meta-narrative Evidence Syntheses - Evolving Standards) project, 2014, International

The Empirical Foundations of Telemedicine Interventions for Chronic Disease Management, 2014, International

Understanding the Gap between Desire for and Use of Consumer Health Solutions, 2014, Canada

Comparison of neurological healthcare oriented educational resources for patients on the internet, 2014, International

Self-management support interventions to reduce health care utilisation without compromising outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 2014, International

Mapping the landscape of knowledge synthesis, 2014, Canada

New directions in evidence-based policy research: a critical analysis of the literature, 2014, International

An Organizational Intervention to Influence Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Home Health Nursing, 2014, International

Measuring Hospital-Wide Mortality—Pitfalls and Potential, 2014, International

Workplace Stress: What Is the Role of Positive Mental Health?, 2014, International

The Knowledge Broker's “Fit” in the World of Knowledge Translation, 2014, Canada

Numeracy and Literacy Independently Predict Patients’ Ability to Identify Out-of-Range Test Results, 2014, International

The development and application of audit criteria for assessing knowledge exchange plans in health research grant applications, 2014, International

Electronic Record Adoption and Use Among Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia, 2014, Canada

Clinicians in management: a qualitative study of managers’ use of influence strategies in hospitals, 2014, International

UK research funding bodies’ views towards public participation in health-related research decisions: an exploratory study, 2014, International

Cost Savings from Palliative Care Teams and Guidance for a Financially Viable Palliative Care Program, 2014, Canada

Short rest periods between work shifts predict sleep and health problems in nurses at 1-year follow-up, 2014, International

Engaging Patients and Stakeholders in Research Proposal Review: The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, 2014, International

Health Big Data Analytics : current perspectives, challenges and potential solutions, 2014, Canada

Electronic Record Adoption and Use Among Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia, 2014, Canada

When It Comes to Cost and Quality of Hospital Care, Nurse Tenure and Teamwork Count, 2014, International

Operationalizing the RE-AIM framework to evaluate the impact of multi-sector partnerships, 2014, Canada

Full-Service Family Practice in British Columbia: Policy Interventions and Trends in Practice, 1991–2010, 2014, Canada

Searching for answers to clinical questions using google versus evidence-based summary resources: a randomized controlled crossover study., 2014, International

Reframing professional boundaries in healthcare: A systematic review of facilitators and barriers to task reallocation from the domain of medicine to the nursing domain, 2014, International

Evaluation of partnerships in a transnational family violence prevention network using an integrated knowledge translation and exchange model: a mixed methods study, 2014, Canada

The role of informal networks in creating knowledge among health-care managers: a prospective case study, 2014, International

The role of interpersonal communication in the process of knowledge mobilization within a community-based organization: a network analysis, 2014, International

‘Practical’ resources to support patient and family engagement in healthcare decisions: a scoping review, 2014, Canada

“I No Longer Have to Go to See the Doctor:” How the Patient Portal is Changing Medical Practice, 2014, International

Using logic model methods in systematic review synthesis: describing complex pathways in referral management interventions, 2014, International

How can knowledge exchange portals assist in knowledge management for evidence-informed decision making in public health?, 2014, International

Barriers and facilitators to evidence-use in program management: a systematic review of the literature, 2014, Canada

‘Practical’ resources to support patient and family engagement in healthcare decisions: a scoping review, 2014, Canada

Towards a common terminology: a simplified framework of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into health practices, systems, and policies, 2014, International

Organizational impact of evidence-informed decision making training initiatives: a case study comparison of two approaches, 2014, International

Clinical Benefits of Electronic Health Record Use: National Findings, 2014, International

The New South Wales Allied Health Workplace Learning Study: barriers and enablers to learning in the workplace, 2014, International

Toward Creating an Optimal Acute Care Clinical Learning Environment: Insights From Staff, Faculty, and Students, 2014, International 

A new impetus for guideline development and implementation: construction and evaluation of a toolbox, 2014, International

Evidence based practice beliefs and implementation among nurses: a cross-sectional study, 2014, International

Team-training in healthcare: a narrative synthesis of the literature., 2014, International

How collaborative are quality improvement collaboratives: a qualitative study in stroke care, 2014, International

Development of a Simple 12-Item Theory-Based Instrument to Assess the Impact of Continuing Professional Development on Clinical Behavioral Intentions, 2014, International

Development and psychometric testing of a scale assessing the sharing of medical information and interprofessional communication: the CSI scale, 2014, International

Sharing What we Know About Living a Good Life: Indigenous Approaches to Knowledge Translation, 2014, Canada

“Bundle” of Practices Reduces Risks of Delirium and Immobility in Intensive Care Units, Study Shows, 2014, International

Elements of effective palliative care models: a rapid review, 2014, International

The Transformational Role of Nursing in Health Care Reform, 2014, International

Social and organizational factors affecting implementation of evidence-informed practice in a public health department in Ontario: a network modelling approach, 2014, Canada

High rates of hospital admission among older residents in assisted living facilities: opportunities for intervention and impact on acute care, 2014, Canada

Nurse staffing and education and hospital mortality in nine European countries: a retrospective observational study, 2014, International

Growing a Professional Network to Over 3000 Members in Less Than 4 Years: Evaluation of InspireNet, British Columbia’s Virtual Nursing Health Services Research Network, 2014, Canada

Living Systematic Reviews: An Emerging Opportunity to Narrow the Evidence-Practice Gap, 2014, International

Effect of an Educational Toolkit on Quality of Care: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Trial, 2014, Canada

Primary care quality improvement from a practice facilitator’s perspective, 2014, Canada

Twitter and nursing research: how diffusion of innovation theory can help uptake, 2014, International

Harnessing the Social Web for Health and Wellness: Issues for Research and Knowledge Translation, 2014, Canada

Implementing Leadership in Healthcare: Guiding Principles and a New Mindset, 2014, Canada

Using Coaching to Create Empowered Nursing Leadership to Change Lives, 2014, International 

Mind the Gap: Social Media Engagement by Public Health Researchers, 2014, International

Frameworks for evaluating health research capacity strengthening: a qualitative study, 2013, International

Guidelines 2.0: systematic development of a comprehensive checklist for a successful guideline enterprise, 2013, International

Contamination of Healthcare Workers’ Hands with Clostridium difficile Spores after Caring for Patients with C. difficile Infection, 2013, International

Developing Leadership Practices in Hospital-Based Nurse Educators in an Online Learning Community, 2013, Canada

Implementation strategies: recommendations for specifying and reporting, 2013, International

Organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care: a review of theoretical components, 2013, International

Patient-centeredness in Integrated healthcare delivery systems - Needs, expectations and priorities for organized healthcare systems, 2013, International

The Importance of a High-Performance Work Environment in Hospitals, 2013, International

Improving Medical Device Alarm Safety in Hospitals, 2013, International

Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Record Systems and Process Quality of Care: Evidence from a Panel Data Analysis of U.S. Acute-Care Hospitals, 2012, International

Making change last: applying the NHS institute for innovation and improvement sustainability model to healthcare improvement, 2013, International

A KT intervention including the evidence alert system to improve clinician's evidence-based practice behavior---a cluster randomized controlled trial, 2013, International

Defining, illustrating and reflecting on logic analysis with an example from a professional development program, 2013, Canada

Developing a public health policy-research nexus: An evaluation of Nurse Practitioner models in aged care, 2013, International

Program evaluation of a model to integrate internationally educated health professionals into clinical practice, 2013, Canada

Creating and Supporting a Mixed Methods Health Services Research Team, 2013, International

Knowledge Translation Tools are Emerging to Move Neck Pain Research into Practice, 2013, Canada 

Developing Nursing Leaders for the Future: Achieving Competency for Transformational Leadership, 2013, International

Nursing Education and Research Rounds: Evaluation of a Webinar-Based Education Strategy to Engage Nurses and Support Practice, 2013, Canada

Wikis and Collaborative Writing Applications in Health Care: A Scoping Review, 2013, International

Hostile clinician behaviours in the nursing work environment and implications for patient care: a mixed-methods systematic review, 2013, International

Developing a Systemic Program for Compassion Fatigue, 2013, International

Student nurses' experiences of infection prevention and control during clinical placements, 2013, International

Prelude to a systematic review of activity-based funding of hospitals: potential effects on cost, quality, access, efficiency, and equity, 2013, Canada

Implementation of evidence-based practice across medical, nursing, pharmacological and allied healthcare professionals: a questionnaire survey in nationwide hospital settings, 2013, International

Balancing exploration and exploitation in transferring research into practice: a comparison of five knowledge translation entity archetypes, 2013, International

The influence of organizational context on the use of research by nurses in Canadian pediatric hospitals, 2013, Canada

Building Research Capacity of Medical Students and Health Professionals in Rural Communities: Leveraging a Rural Clinical School's Resources to Conduct Research Skills Workshops, 2013, International

Better together? a naturalistic qualitative study of inter-professional working in collaborative care for co-morbid depression and physical health problems, 2013, International

A realist review of interventions and strategies to promote evidence-informed healthcare: a focus on change agency, 2013, International

The implementation research institute: training mental health implementation researchers in the United States, 2013, International

Using Performance Measures to Promote Evidence-Based Care:  A Bayesian Approach, 2013, International 

The Utilization of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, 2013, Canada

What supports do health system organizations have in place to facilitate evidence-informed decision-making? a qualitative study, 2013, Canada

Usage of a Generic Web-Based Self-Management Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors: Substudy Analysis of the BREATH Trial, 2013, International

Nurses Report Verbal Abuse Common, Related to Work Environment, 2013, International

Building nurse executives, 2013, International

Understanding Determinants of Consumer Mobile Health Usage Intentions, Assimilation, and Channel Preferences, 2013, International

Exploring the feasibility of Conjoint Analysis as a tool for prioritizing innovations for implementation, 2013, International

Top 10 Words of Leadership Advice … or, Things Your Mother Never Told You!, 2013, Canada

Enhancing frontline clinical leadership in an acute hospital trust, 2013, International

Literacy, cognitive function, and health: results of the LitCog study, 2012, International 

Effect of Nurse Practitioner Comanagement on the Care of Geriatric Conditions, 2013, International

Is a larger specialist nurse workforce in cancer care associated with better patient experience? Cross-sectional study, 2013, International

Facilitating Out-of-Home Caregiving Through Health Information Technology: Survey of Informal Caregivers’ Current Practices, Interests, and Perceived Barriers, 2013, International

Qualities of exemplary nurse leaders: perspectives of frontline nurses, 2013, International

Does value congruence between nurses and supervisors effect job satisfaction and turnover?, 2013, International

Development of a framework and coding system for modifications and adaptations of evidence-based interventions, 2013, International

Fading vision: knowledge translation in the implementation of a public health policy intervention, 2013, Canada

A strategy to enhance the safety and efficiency of handovers of ICU patients: study protocol of the pICUp study, 2013, International

A qualitative study of health information technology in the Canadian public health system, 2013, Canada

Investigating the use of patient involvement and patient experience in quality improvement in Norway: rhetoric or reality?, 2013, International

Development of a checklist to assess the quality of reporting of knowledge translation interventions using the Workgroup for Intervention Development and Evaluation Research (WIDER) recommendations, 2013, Canada

A qualitative study into the difficulties experienced by healthcare decision makers when reading a Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy review, 2013, International

Rapid, responsive, relevant (R3) research: a call for a rapid learning health research enterprise, 2013, International

From Intervention to Innovation: Applying a Formal Implementation Strategy in Community Primary Care, 2013, International

Guideline adaptation and implementation planning: a prospective observational study, 2013, Canada

Impact of clinical and health services research projects on decision-making: a qualitative study, 2013, International

A systematic approach to the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of integrated health services, 2013, International

A New Dimension of Health Care: Systematic Review of the Uses, Benefits, and Limitations of Social Media for Health Communication, 2013, International

Continuous Quality Improvement: A Shared Governance Model That Maximizes Agent-Specific Knowledge, 2013, International

To tweet or not to tweet? Nurses, social media, and patient care, 2013, International

Science and Practice Aligned Within Nursing: Structure and Process for Evidence-Based Practice, 2013, International

Transformational leadership in nursing: towards a more critical interpretation, 2013, International

An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists, 2013, International

Nurse Staffing and NICU Infection Rates, 2013, International

Research as a Part of Public Health Emergency Response, 2013, International

PRISMA for Abstracts: Reporting Systematic Reviews in Journal and Conference Abstracts, 2013, International

The Ottawa Statement on the Ethical Design and Conduct of Cluster Randomized Trials, 2012, Canada

Knowledge translation of research findings, 2013, International

Using concept mapping in the knowledge-to-action process to compare stakeholder opinions on barriers to use of cancer screening among South Asians, 2013, Canada

Changes in Patient Health Outcomes from Admission to Discharge in Acute Care, 2013, International

Network analysis of team communication in a busy emergency department, 2013, International

Comparative Research Design: A Guide for the Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2013, International

Conceptualizing performance of nursing care as a prerequisite for better measurement: a systematic and interpretive review, 2013, Canada

Why public health was slow to embrace end-of-life issues—and how it’s catching up, 2013, International

Breast cancer among shift workers: results of the WOLF longitudinal cohort study, 2013, International

Developing Leadership Capacity for Guideline Use: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Control Trial, 2012, International

Patient handling and risk for developing persistent low-back pain among female healthcare workers, 2013, International

Twelve myths about systematic reviews for health system policymaking rebutted, 2013, International

For the Sake of Inquiry and Knowledge — The Inevitability of Open Access, 2013, International

Finding the Evidence to Support Evidence-Based Practice, 2013, International

How hard can it be to include research evidence and evaluation in local health policy implementation? Results from a mixed methods study, 2013, International

Improving care and wellness in bipolar disorder: origins, evolution and future directions of a collaborative knowledge exchange network, 2012, Canada

A case study of nurse practitioner role implementation in primary care: what happens when new roles are introduced?, 2013, Canada

Usability Evaluation of an Online, Tailored Self-Management Intervention for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Incorporating Behavior Change Techniques, 2013, International

Implementation factors and their effect on e-Health service adoption in rural communities: a systematic literature review, International, 2013

Knowledge brokers in a knowledge network: the case of Seniors Health Research Transfer Network knowledge brokers, International, 2013

This special edition of Healthcare Quarterly highlights the transformation that is under way in Ontario’s healthcare system. Many topics are discussed such as patient-centred care, successful Quality Councils, leadership, linking evidence and quality, and The Excellent Care for All Act., 2013, Canada 

Advancing the application, quality and harmonization of implementation science measures, 2012, International

Is the coverage of google scholar enough to be used alone for systematic reviews, 2013, International

Developing and evaluating communication strategies to support informed decisions and practice based on evidence (DECIDE): protocol and preliminary results, 2013, International

A systematic review of evidence on the links between patient experience and clinical safety and effectiveness, 2013, International

The Patient Experience and Health Outcomes, 2012, International

Guidelines for Guidelines: Are They Up to the Task? A Comparative Assessment of Clinical Practice Guideline Development Handbooks, 2012, International

The Lived Experience of New Nurses: Importance of the Clinical Preceptor, 2012, International

Clinicians' experiences of becoming a clinical manager: a qualitative study, 2012, International

Institutionalization of evidence-informed practices in healthcare settings, 2012, International

Building theories of knowledge translation interventions: Use the entire menu of constructs, 2012, International

Strategies for monitoring and updating clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review, 2012, International

International Profiles of Health Care Systems: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States, 2012, International

A Model for the Electronic Support of Practice-Based Research Networks, 2012, International

Applying a Health Network approach to translate evidence-informed policy into practice: A review and case study on musculoskeletal health, 2012, International

The Impact of Electronic Patient Portals on Patient Care: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials, 2012, International

Net benefits: assessing the effectiveness of clinical networks in Australia through qualitative methods, 2012, International

Factors influencing the development of evidence-based practice among nurses: a self-report survey, 2012, International

Feasibility of a Wiki as a Participatory Tool for Patients in Clinical Guideline Development, 2012, International

How does searching for health information on the Internet affect individuals' demand for health care services?, 2012, International

Work environment may put women at risk of diabetes, 2012, Canada

Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy, 2012, International

Studying policy implementation using a macro, meso and micro frame analysis: the case of the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care (CLAHRC) programme nationally and in North West London, 2012, International

Writing implementation research grant proposals: Ten key ingredients, 2012, International

Managing boundaries in primary care service improvement: A developmental approach to communities of practice, 2012, International

Managing patient deterioration: a protocol for enhancing undergraduate nursing students' competence through web-based simulation and feedback techniques, 2012, International

A scoping review and thematic classifi cation of patient complexity:  offering a unifying framework, 2012, Canada

Large-System Transformation in Health Care:  A Realist Review, 2012, Canada

Evidence summaries: the evolution of a rapid review approach, 2012, Canada

Adjusting team involvement: a grounded theory study of challenges in utilizing a surgical safety checklist as experienced by nurses in the operating room, 2012, International

Translating research in elder care: An applied program of health services research, 2012, Canada

Enhancing research capacity across healthcare and higher education sectors: development and evaluation of an integrated model, 2012, International

Looking for value in hard times, 2012, International

Advancing Translational Research by Enabling Collaborative Teamwork: The TRACT Approach, 2012, Canada

A pragmatic cluster randomised trial evaluating three implementation interventions, 2012, International

Creating a Successful Environment for Preparing Doctoral-Level Nurse Educators, 2012, International

Social Network Analysis in Healthcare Settings: A Systematic Scoping Review, 2012, International

A thematic analysis of the role of the organisation in building allied health research capacity: a senior managers' perspective, 2012, International

Researcher-decision-maker partnerships in health services research: Practical challenges, guiding principles, 2012, Canada

Systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions, 2012, International

Open access versus subscription journals:  a comparison of scientific impact, 2012, International

A framework for production of systematic review based briefings to support evidence-informed decision-making, 2012, International

Informatics 2.0: implications of social media, mobile health, and patient-reported outcomes for healthcare and individual privacy, 2012, International 

Implementation research evidence uptake and use for policy-making, 2012, International

Benchmarking: A Method for Continuous Quality Improvement in Health, 2012, International

Whither Science Publishing?, 2012, International

'Information on the fly': Challenges in professional communication in high technological nursing. A focus group study from a radiotherapy department in Sweden, 2012, International

Systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions, 2012, International

Measurement properties of a novel survey to assess stages of organizational readiness for evidence-based interventions in community chronic disease prevention settings, 2012, International

Effect of a Community-Based Nursing Intervention on Mortality in Chronically Ill Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial, 2012, International

Will the NP Workforce Grow in the Future?, 2012, International

Integrating guideline development and implementation: Analysis of guideline development manual instructions for generating implementation advice, 2012, International

Transforming Healthcare through Better Use of Data: A Canadian Context, 2012, Canada 

Measurement properties of a novel survey to assess stages of organizational readiness for evidence-based interventions in community chronic disease prevention settings, 2012, International

Original Research: Facilitators and Barriers to Clinical Practice Guideline Use Among Nurses, 2012, Internationa.

Quality of Internet information in pediatric otolaryngology: A comparison of three most referenced websites, 2012, International

A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for Smartphones, 2012, International

Understanding the performance and impact of public knowledge translation funding interventions: Protocol for an evaluation of Canadian institutes of health research knowledge translation funding programs, 2012, Canada

An instrument assessing patient satisfaction with day care in hospitals, 2012, International

Medication supply to residential aged care facilities in Western Australia using a centralized medication chart to replace prescriptions, 2012, International

Conceptual framework of acute care nurse practitioner role enactment, boundary work, and perceptions of team effectiveness, 2012, International

Advancing knowledge translation in primary care, 2012, Canada

Information Retrieval – Swedish Specialist Student Nurses` Strategies for
Finding Clinical Evidence,
2012, International

New quality regulations versus established nursing home practice: a qualitative study, 2012, International

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