The InspireNet Community

The InspireNet Community

InspireNet (Innovative Health Services & Practice Informed by Research & Evaluation Network) is a province-wide network in British Columbia, Canada. The University of Victoria (UVic) acts as InspireNet's 'host' institution: this is the home for the grant that funds InspireNet, and the financial secretariat. Organizational leadership for InspireNet is supported by UVic and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) via sponsorship of the network Co-leaders.


A vibrant and interactive network of individuals and organizations working collaboratively to advance and use research and knowledge to improve nursing health services in British Columbia.


To foster optimal creation, sharing and use of health services knowledge and research expertise.


Through province-wide networking, directed supportive activities, and linkages between health services and academic institutions, the network aims to achieve outcome goals within four years. By 2015 there will be:

  1. Increased capacity for health services research in BC.
  2. A coordinated approach to health services research planning and priority setting that is based on provincial needs and integrated with broader health services research planning.
  3. Strategic interprofessional health services research partnerships and collaborations within BC and beyond.
  4. Care delivery and education innovations based on health services research findings.
  5. A feasible sustainability plan for the legacy of InspireNet at the end of MSFHR funding.

Guiding Principles

InspireNet will:

  • Promote a culture of enquiry and action,
  • Link a critical mass of individuals, organizations and key stakeholders to mobilize health services research and knowledge,
  • Animate discussion about healthcare's needs to develop an informed workforce that values and uses findings of research involving health care delivery,
  • Develop capacity among clinicians to engage in health services research and to collaborate on multidisciplinary and interprofessional research teams,
  • Be a catalyst for innovation and collaboration provincially, inter-provincially and nationally, and
  • Provide a venue for collaborative leadership and provincial planning and priority setting among those engaged in health services research.

The initiative of a BC health health services research (HSR) network is funded for five years (Nov 2009-2015) through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) via its BC Nursing Research Initiative (BCNRI). This initiative received $8 million from government to support practice-relevant health services research related to the nursing workforce. The network’s MSFHR funding is $200K in years 1 & 2; $250K in years 3-5.

Network Organization

Action Teams

Teams' members are be able to interact frequently via the network website and electronic communities of practice (e-CoP). InspireNet has adopted the e-CoP model as one well suited to the membership of Action Teams and Coordinating Teams. Organizations such as a health authority or educational institution can self-identify or be invited to step forward and take the lead or co-lead an Action Team. Each Action Team needs a leader or co-leaders who are supported by their organizations to take on the role. See the InspireNet Governance and Operating Model for more information.

Learn about Existing Action Teams:

Coordinating Teams

InspireNet's Coordinating Teams include areas of work that cluster and are relevant across all Action Teams. See our Governance and Operating Model for a graphic illustration. All teams are supported by InspireNet eCoPs for easy communication across team members asynchronously.

Learn about Existing Coordinating Teams:

Leadership and Management

Leadership is provided by the pan-provincial, volunteer InspireNet Leadership Council. The University of Victoria (UVic) acts as InspireNet's 'host' institution: this is the home for the MSFHR grant, and the financial secretariat. Organizational leadership for InspireNet is supported by UVic and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) via sponsorship of the network Co-leaders: Noreen Frisch (UVic) and Grace Mickelson (PHSA). InspireNet management is carried out by a Management Team.

Network Deliverables

Other initiatives include:

  • A comprehensive website (see left hand navigation for details) and Members' Database of network members
  • An annual conference is programmed to complement knowledge translation activities
  • Webinars are organized by Action Teams and recorded/archived
  • Members' ePosters, Blogs and Research Ideas are shared via InspireNet
  • Our biweekly eNews provides updates to members on new website content and news about members and the network
  • Engaging our members through social media: Facebook and Twitter
  • Knowledge Translation planning and implementation activities


Membership is of interest to research trainees, new faculty, senior faculty wishing to augment their HSR capabilities, practitioners seeking research links, and research prepared nursing leaders in health authorities. Recognizing the BCNRI cross-cutting theme of ‘inter-professional approaches and teams’, the network welcomes a diverse range of researchers, clinicians and policy makers from various professions and disciplines who seek linkages and partnerships with nursing health services researchers. The network proactively recruits members for teams and as members, positioning membership as valuable when members are actively involved. To learn more about benefits of membership, visit the Learn What InspireNet Can Do For Me page. To learn more about InspireNet's membership data, visit our Membership Dashboard.

To become a member:

Click the Join InspireNet link in the top right corner, or click the button below. Your application will be approved shortly after you submit it at which time you will receive an automated welcome email.

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