Announcing BC’s 2nd Annual eHITS (eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase)

Announcing BC’s 2nd Annual eHITS (eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase)

Blog post by Kendall Ho

BC’s 2nd Annual eHITS (eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase
Saturday May 9, 2015
UBC Life Sciences Center  
*new venue!

Mainpro-M1 and MOC Section 1 credits

Thanks to the participants of our inaugural eHITS 2014 conference in May this year, it was a great success in promoting mutual exchange of knowledge, ideas, and suggestions!

Building on our growing community of health professionals and enthusiasm, we will showcase the most practical and applicable eHealth technologies and innovations relevant to BC health care providers today. Regardless of whether or not you are an innovator, average user, novice or technophobe, this conference will appeal to you.

Practical, easy, and fun!  We will aspire to ensure that all participants take home eHealth tips/approaches to immediately apply in professional practice to enhance patient care. You will also find out how the province and health regions are working together on eHealth and how you can participate in BC, and how these initiatives will provide you with tools to improve practice, health education, and communicate better with patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the latest exciting developments (in our province) and ways health professionals, clinics, hospitals and health authorities are using information technologies to deliver innovative health services to patients in BC.
  • Share the latest apps and electronic tools to enhance your own professional practice and better support your patients to achieve health and wellness.
  • Identify the new generations of technologies relevant to BC healthcare which are transforming health practices.
  • Find out what the current generation of health professional trainees are learning and what technologies they are using in practice, and how you can keep up-to-date on the latest trends and approaches.
  • Participate in the dialogue to guide the current health system to best use information technologies in health care service delivery to improve our health system of care in BC.


We are looking for submissions that showcase the most exciting and current developments in eHealth. Be sure to submit before the deadline on January 16, 2015.

Submit your abstract here:

Deadline is Jan 16, 2015 and notifications will be sent by Feb 27, 2015.

Come join us on May 9th!


Dr. Kendall Ho, Conference Chair, Director, eHealth Strategy Office

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