ePoster Presentations

ePoster Presentations

Get Your Research Out!



In May 2011, in recognition of national nurses' week, InspireNet launched its 'Get Your Research Out!' eposter competition.

This competition was designed to help members get their nursing health services research out to their fellow members, in a fun and inspiring venue. Presenters submitted an abstract which was peer-reviewed. Selected abstracts' comments were sent to the author(s), who presented their work via an e-poster presentation at Connect 2011, InspireNet's fall conference. Posters were prepared in Powerpoint, then converted to .pdf files and uploaded to InspireNet's account at for easy navigating around the e-poster with a mouse while displaying it on a dataprojector. These links are available in the webinar schedule, below.

Subsequent to the conference eposter session, authors were also invited to present their eposters via webinar to InspireNet members, with the webinar recorded for future review.

Due to the overwhelming success of this program, it continued through InspireNet's annual conferences (2011-2014). No further conferences are planned, but resources from past events are available at the links below.

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