Our e-Casebook

Our e-Casebook

Get Your Research Out! InspireNet's eCasebook

Note at February 2013:

This initiative is under review by the InspireNet Knowledge to Action Core Team. If you have suggestions to strengthen this initiative, or have an abstract you would like to have considered, please contact us.


InspireNet's Knowledge to Action Team (KTA) promotes and supports knowledge translation and exchange (KT) initiatives for nursing health services research (NHSR). The Team is open to all InspireNet members who are interested in learning more about KT and would like to connect and contribute via our eCommunity of Practice (eCoP). Core Team members lead and coordinate the work of the team; this Team is guided by InspireNet’s KT Action Plan. The Plan, Goal #4 articulates ”Develop a KT e-casebook, providing exemplars where embedding research in practice  has worked”.

Call for Abstracts: InspireNet's eCasebook

InspireNet invites you to share your story about a nursing health services research (NHSR) or quality improvement initiative that you, or your organization, have undertaken. These stories will be shared as an eCasebook with InspireNet members, comprised of healthcare practitioners, researchers, and policy makers throughout the province and beyond.  Your story may be one of a NHSR success or it may highlight barriers and challenges you have encountered – in either case we would like to hear about the lessons you have learned. We are interested in stories that describe a project or research that you have undertaken, to celebrate successes, to illustrate lessons learned, and to identify next steps / opportunities for future collaboration / emerging research questions.

InspireNet’s eCasebook program will hold 4 calls per year. A dedicated area of the InspireNet website will contain the articles as an eCasebook for members.

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