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Initiative for a Palliative Approach in Nursing: Evidence & Leadership (iPANEL)


Three quarters of the British Columbians who die, do so without being identified as people who could benefit from the services associated with palliative care. Specialized palliative units and hospices are essential for end of life care but not appropriate for all persons facing life-limiting chronic conditions. By offering a palliative approach in multiple settings, we can better care for people and their families through the many transitions of chronic conditions like dementia, lung, kidney and heart diseases, and cancer.

Through research, we create new knowledge about how nurses can further integrate palliative philosophies and services into nonspecialized settings that provide end-of-life care. Throughout BC, people are dying in many settings including residential care facilities, on general hospital wards and at home. Our research seeks to understand how to apply and integrate the palliative approach to any care setting where people with life-limiting chronic conditions are cared for.

Our research is informed by and informs clinical practice. By creating a cycle of nursing practice to nursing research and back again, we can ensure our research is informed by clinical practice. And that the evidence we gather is relevant, useful, and well communicated to nurses. We accomplish this through our partnerships with both practicing and academic nurses throughout BC.

Our ultimate goal is to advance the further integration of the palliative approach into nursing practice in every care setting. We know this takes the support and cooperation of many parties including health professionals, employers and health care consumers, but we believe that nurses can and will contribute to a better and more supported experience for British Columbians toward the end of their lives.

iPANEL website: http://www.ipanel.ca/

Activities of this Action Team

This team holds monthly webinars focused on a palliative approach from a variety of perspectives, including patient populations and clinical settings, as well as webinars on research and practice engagement, research findings, and models of care.


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