Learn About InspireNet's Leadership

Update, Sep 2015:

InspireNet's leadership model is in a state of transition as the network seeks partnerships to sustain the network after its funding has ended. Following is the model used for governing InspireNet in its earlier years.

In keeping with our mission to create collaborative advantage, InspireNet has adopted a leadership model that enables various leaders to integrate their unique and diverse knowledge, skills, connections and resources in a ‘value added’ approach. Emphasis is on bringing together researchers and decision-makers in academic – practice collaborations across the province. It is anticipated that such linkages will support innovation and uptake of knowledge.

In the governance leadership role the InspireNet Leadership Council (ILC) sets policy, ensures focus on the mission, guides management and evaluates performance. In the management leadership role the co-leaders and manager plan, organize, implement and evaluate network activities. Together, the ILC and management team shape vision, set direction, choose priorities and allocate resources.

InspireNet leadership is comprised of a Management Team, which reports to the InspireNet Leadership Council. Leadership is also provided through Action Team Leaders.

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