Mentoring opportunities

Mentoring opportunities

Are you looking for a mentor?

InspireNet’s database can help you with that:

  • Login to the website, then select the Databases tab.
  • Choose Members
  • Scroll down to ‘expand for more options’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Select ‘Members willing to be a Mentor’.

Scroll through the results, reviewing members’ Research Interests to see if there is someone who matches your needs. Remember the Ctrl+F trick: if you enter a large webpage anywhere on the internet, you can find specific content by holding down the Ctrl button then pressing the F key (Command+F on a Mac). This will pop open a finder in your web browser where you can enter the word or term you're looking for, simplifying your search on the page.

If you find a member who looks like a possible mentor, you can learn more about them by clicking on their name, which will open their database profile, telling you more about them.

Once you’ve located a member you’re interested in approaching as a mentor, it’s best to contact them with a specific request and the timing for completing it. For instance, if you wanted a mentor to review a survey you’d drafted to get their opinion on how to improve it, you might ask them for this advice within two weeks. A request that’s clear and limited is easier to meet than a general one asking someone to be a mentor.

Are you looking to act as a mentor to others?

Be sure your database profile is updated with a complete list of your research interests to help others locate you.

Do you have input?

  • Do you have ideas about mentoring within InspireNet?
  • Have you had success in finding others to mentor you through the network?

Contact us with your story so we can learn from you.

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