Informational Publications

Informational Publications


InspireNet's slide decks from various conferences and events are available on our Presentations page.



Frisch N, Atherton P, Mickelson G
Harnessing the web to build research capacity
Canadian Nurse, April 2015

Frisch N, Atherton P, Borycki E, Mickelson G, Cordeiro J, Novak Lauscher H, Black A
Growing a Professional Network to Over 3000 Members in Less Than 4 Years: Evaluation of InspireNet, British Columbia’s Virtual Nursing Health Services Research Network
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(2):e49
doi: 10.2196/jmir.3018
PMID: 24566806


InspireNet: A Tech Solution for Knowledge Dissemination
Poster presented at 2nd BC eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase (eHITS), Vancouver, May 9, 2015

If you build it, will they come? Lessons from a virtual health services research network
Poster presented at 1st BC eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase (eHITS), Vancouver, May 10, 2014

Using the Social Web to Engage Front Line Practitioners in Research and Quality Improvement: A Virtual Network's Experience
Poster presented at Quality Forum, Vancouver, Feb 27-28, 2014

►Conference Proceedings

Use of social media and Web 2.0 technologies to increase knowledge and skills of British Columbia Nurses
presented at Nursing Informatics, 2012,  Montreal

Performance reporting

InspireNet's Final Report to MSFHR (Jun 2016)
InspireNet's Fifth Report to MSFHR (Nov 2015)
InspireNet's Webinar Statistics (Oct 2015)
InspireNet Final Evaluation Report (Feb 2015)
InspireNet Webinars: Knowledge Dissemination in Action at the Point of Care (Dec 2014) Google Analytics Analysis Report 2010-2014 (Jul 2014)
InspireNet Members 2013 Survey Report (May 2014)
InspireNet's Fourth Annual Report to MSFHR (Nov 2013) Google Analytics Analysis Report 2010-2013 (Jul 2013)
InspireNet's Third Annual Report to MSFHR (Dec 2012)
InspireNet's Member Interview Report of Summer/Fall 2011 (Sep 2012)
InspireNet's Comprehensive Evaluation Report (Sep 2012)
InspireNet's Second Member Survey Report (Spring 2012)
InspireNet's Activities Infographic @ Year 2.75 (Sep 2012)
Membership Dashboard @ Year 2.5 (May 2012)
InspireNet's Second Annual Report to MSFHR (Nov  2011) Google Analytics Analysis Year 1 (Aug 2011)
InspireNet's First Member Survey Report (Spring 2011)
InspireNet's First Annual Report to MSFHR (Sep 2010)
InspireNet's Timeline of Accomplishments (updated monthly)

Promotional materials

InspireNet brochure (Revised May 2012) 
InspireNet Backgrounder (Feb 2013)
InspireNet Backgrounder for Students (Oct 2012)
InspireNet Fact Sheet for Health Care Executives (Oct 2012)
InspireNet Invitation to Researchers (Oct 2012)
InspireNet Invitation to Interprofessional Researchers (May 2012)
Nursing Research Facilitators Bookmark (April 2012)
Action Teams' Backgrounders page (various dates)
BCNRI programs flyer (Nov 2010)

Planning documents

Knowledge Translation (KT):

InspireNet's KT Action Plan for Sep 2011-Oct 2014 (Oct 2013)
InspireNet's KT Action Plan for Sep 2011-Oct 2013 (Sep 2011)
InspireNet's KT Strategy Planning Workshop Report on Activities (Aug 2011)


InspireNet's eCoP Evaluation Plan for Year 3, in partnership with UBC eHealth Strategy Office (Dec 2011)
InspireNet's Evaluation Plan for Nov 2009-Oct 2013 (Sep 2010)
InspireNet's Logic Model for Nov 2009-Oct 2013 (Fall 2009)

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