InspireNet can support your projects:

1. Become an InspireNet member (free!) so that your contact and project information is readily available through the searchable database, which will increase research capacity for those looking to connect with you around your interest area.

2. Use the InspireNet website to disseminate your project details/results; provide a report (if applicable) for inclusion in the InspireNet's Members' Database.

3. Consider establishing an InspireNet Action Team for a specific area in health services research.

4. Join an existing Action Team to participate on a team working in a specific area.

5. Explore ways to provide mentorship opportunities for graduate students/junior researchers and make that information available through InspireNet’s database.

6. Review and share InspireNet's Invitation to Researchers.

See the full list of member benefits here.

To become a member (free!):

Click the Join InspireNet link and complete the webform.

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