Solid Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy After 40

Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy After 40

There is always room for improvement when we talk about marriage. A married man can and should do a lot of things to keep his wife happy and content even after they’re in their forties. This is the age where most of the marriages go down the drain due to sub-par treatments and lack of love.

No one should stop learning. A marriage is like a never-ending university where you can not graduate from unless you decide otherwise. Maintaining a healthy and happy marriage becomes such a task after you are 40. There is money to make, the mortgage to be paid, loans, mutual funds, child’s higher education to be taken care of. In between these life compulsions, sometimes the love disappears.

Let’s find out what we, as husbands, can do to save our marriages:

Wherever you are together, be thoughtful

Just being there is very different from actually being there. Women can sense your lack of interest even if you are the best of the actors. You might think that you can make a fool out of her by doing such a thing but the joke’s on you. Your wife knows if or not you want to be with her. So, be mindful when you are together. give her the respect and love she deserves. She is your own wife and if you want it to be this way, work on it on a regular basis.

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Try solving fights rather than avoiding them

Avoiding fights will only make it worse. Remember, it is natural to have fights in a relationship. Every relationship goes through a tough time. most of us do not want is to happen but it happens. It is a part of life and we all should deal with it. Instead of avoiding fights, find out the root cause reason. Make sure that the fight never happens again. This way, eventually the animosity between you two will decrease and a new kind of love and respect will emerge in her heart for you.

Keep flirting with her

You would want to make her feel special even after both of you are in your forties. You have to make your marriage special by giving her the importance she deserves. She should be a hot girl for you all the time. Having a tough time picturing hot girls? Visit for help. By flirting with her, you are telling her that you still crave for her and you will do anything for her. By giving her that importance, you will make your life easier. Believe me.

Keep Travelling To Exotic Locations Together

Traveling together brings people together. If you and your wife keep going to at least 2 vacations every year, your life is sorter. You will make a lot of memories together. The trip to the Amazon will bring its own adventure and the trip to the Alps will make an altogether different memory. Why would any wife want to leave such a husband?

We hope you bring the changes mentioned above in your married life. By doing so, you will experience a long and healthy marriage.