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May 2016

Due to the demonstrated successes of the network and the generosity of MSFHR, funding for the network through its initial award was extended to a current end date of May 31, 2016. At this juncture we are pleased to announce that the network will transition to become the communications platform for the emerging BC SUPPORT Unit (BC Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials Unit),  a multi-partner organization transitioning from start-up phase to regular operations, preparing to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout BC.

Read more about our transition here: http://www.inspirenet.ca/Special-Message

InspireNet welcomes a diverse range of researchers, students, clinicians, managers and policy makers from various professions and disciplines who seek linkages and partnerships within health services research.

To become a member:

Click the Join InspireNet link in the top right corner, or click the button below. Your application will be approved shortly after you submit it at which time you will receive an automated welcome email.

Join InspireNet

Member benefits are listed below, both generally and specifically. The true benefit of networking is the collective of individuals focusing on the quality of care and the safety of patients.

InspireNet will help you:

Make your research visible


  • With researchers, trainees, practitioners and policy makers across BC and beyond

Create collaborative advantage

  • Combine your and others’ diverse expertise in new ways to co-create new solutions

Expand your research and evaluation skills

  • Find a mentor via the network

Use new technologies

  • Learn to use e-collaboration tools to support knowledge capture and teamwork

Build a research team

  • InspireNet will help you get the right mix of expertise in the room (or ‘virtual room’) to frame research questions and strategies

There’s More! Free Access to InspireNet's services to help you:


  • Website updates to keep you informed of new developments
  • E-newsletter highlighting your activities and your colleagues' activities
  • Advertising for health services relevant events on InspireNet.ca
  • Use of InspireNet logo to promote your profile
  • Do you have an idea for a research topic? Use our free e-Suggestion Box!

Celebrate Leadership

  • Dedicated section on InspireNet’s home page and in the e-newsletter, profiling network members’ successes.

Connect and bring people together

  • Networking opportunities virtually and in person
  • Electronic Communities of Practice for topic-specific working groups, supported with web-conferencing and web-presence tools such as discussion forums and document libraries
  • Members' Database linking you to others with whom you can collaborate, including:
    • Contact information
    • Research projects
    • Mentoring opportunities
    • Shareable skills, tools, resources and data
    • Grey literature (reports, papers, articles that have not undergone peer-review in the publishing process)

Professional Development & Mentorship

  • Educational opportunities offered face to face annually to highlight best practices and new research in health services research.
  • A comprehensive inventory of conferences, seminars, forums and other educational opportunities in health services research via our website.
  • Virtual learning opportunities available through links on our website, highlighting best practices and new research in health services.
  • Learn from others through Electronic Communities of Practice.
  • Participate in new ways with your Network in content-specific working groups.
  • And did you know? Participation in HEARR and eHealth sessions, including viewing of archived sessions, counts towards the CRNBC continuing competencies for nurses!


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